Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Closer Look at the Video Game Character Artist.......

If you love video games and want to pursue a career that allows you to design your own video games, and video game characters, then you should get on track to becoming a video game character artist. The first thing any successful video game character artist should know is, of course, what makes a great video game, and what kind of characters best suit those games. Second, you will need advanced technical training in graphic design and computer animation so that you can be prepared with the skills to see your ideas through.
There are degree programs and technical training available in video game design at colleges, universities and vocational schools across the country. Through these programs you can gain a thorough education in video game design, and character design that will prepare you for a great career in the growing field of video game design and character design. In these programs you will learn how to use state of the art computer hardware and software programs that will allow you to create multiple levels of video games from the initial storyboards to the final project. You will also learn to read and use basic computer languages such as C++ for writing video games, as well as Maya, 3DS MAX, or Softimage XSI for 3D creation and animation of video game characters.

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