Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Robot Entertainment Becomes Self Aware

new game-development company has risen out of the ashes of Ensemble Studios makers of Halo Wars; recently canned by Microsoft, and it threatens the fate of all humanity. Its name is Robot Entertainment, and we’re not sure if that means it’s entertainment made by or for robots. If it’s entertainment for robots, it will no doubt involve the killing of the puny meatbags collectively known as the human race. If it's entertainment by robots, then we guess it’s all good…
Regardless of the company’s possible plans for humanity, we received news today that Robot Entertainment’s Web site is now up and running, including “robot blogs!”
To put your machine-mistrusting minds at ease, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: the guys at Robot Entertainment aren’t actually robots. They’re humans – and judging from their blogs and studio information, they are an extremely enthusiastic bunch of people who are eager to share what they’re trying to accomplish in the video-game industry, and the fun that they’re already having; their first posts discuss art, families, and an unsettling love of Lego.
So if you’re interested in following the trials and tribulations of an independent game studio – or if you just want to keep tabs on what may still turn out to be the cause of the inevitable human/robot war that we all have looming in our future – be sure to check out their site.

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