Wednesday, July 1, 2009

'Daring Book For Girls' Coming Soon

We’ve seen games based on books before, but Majesco’s newest adventure title takes inspiration from an unlikely source and applies it to one of gaming’s fastest growing markets. The Daring Book for Girls series is sort of a how to instruction manual for adventurous young girls, covering everything from secret note-passing skills, to how perform the cats cradle string trick, to tips on perfecting the cartwheel. Due out this October, Majesco’s digital take on the HarperCollin’s series will let players virtually experience activities straight from the books. (We wonder if this includes the eternal mystery of what boys are thinking.)
After creating their own character, players will take part in a variety of different challenges including managing a corner stand, playing freeze tag, and adventuring through an African Safari. Scattered throughout these various minigames will be an assortment of educational facts about famous women throughout history. We just hope the game provides some kind of insight into what girls talk about during sleepovers.

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