Monday, June 29, 2009

Gaming Technology "How"

Unless you don’t watch TV (in which case, why the heck are you surfing the Internet?), you’ve probably seen all the commercials out there for Afro Samurai. Even if you aren’t really paying attention, Samuel L. Jackson’s infamous bad-ass voice is likely to pique your interest at least a little.
This game is available on the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 platforms, and thus far the reviews seem to be good. People are give an average score of 8-8.1 out of 10. I have to confess, I haven’t played it, and I have no intention of doing so — well, probably, who knows. I’m just generally not into the whole samurai bit. Why write about this game, then? A question, really.
Most big name stars — A list, B list, mostly — have at least one video game voiceover over on the IMDB credits list. Some of them are understandable. I mean, I bought the LOTR games just because Elijah Wood’s voice is in them, omg! But is it possible, even just a little, that some of these games have big celebrity voiceovers just as a way to fool some of us gamers into thinking it has to be an awesome game, even if it’s not? Discuss pls. Kthxbye.

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