Monday, June 29, 2009

NEC SuperGrafx 1989

Let's face it, most video game consoles are failures. But few fail on the scale of the SuperGrafx.
Some of you may have owned the TurboGrafx 16 console, but may not know that the Japanese version (called the PC Engine) utterly dominated in that country, beating even the Nintendo NES in its day. Cocky from their success, NEC decided to beef up the TurboGrafx console and released the SuperGrafx in 1989. The beefed-up machine had better graphics and CD-ROM capability with an add-on. And the games were only $110 each! Or $170 in today's money!

Uh, yeah. It was bad enough that the system itself was $300/ $540 adjusted for inflation, CD-ROM not included.
All in all, only five games were ever made specifically for the console it could also play the original TurboGrafx games. The sad thing was, you still couldn't get the whole library without spending enough money to get you a beat-up used car instead.

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