Monday, June 29, 2009

A brief history of Gaming

So, welcome to my blog. I decided I'll begin by summarizing my gaming history to help guide my future articles. I'll be dedicating an entry apeice to why I loved, and hated each game. Occasionally I may post about the progress of the game I'm developing, as the whole purpose of dissecting other games is to help me improve mine.
So, 2001 (not a space oddyssey), I joined RuneScape. The game captivated me for years, and to this day remains the game with my longest /played. I levelled as a mage/miner and reached the top of the pile by a large margin, I was so far above the average level that in Castle Wars (when it was finally added) I could typically march into the opposing castle, kill whoever I wanted, and not die for entire games. I loved the small, close-knit community of the game, and relished exploring a world with virtually no information available about its workings. Fansites had not yet been made, the Knowledge Base didn't exist, and I had no experienced friends to tell me everything about it. But as the game grew, the unknown within it shrank, and eventually, I left for greener pastures.

his is me. Vetran RS-C players will remember that there was no penalty to magic for using melee armor and weapons, and that you could fight with both magic and a sword simultaneously. This has changed.
So, I joined MapleStory. The tutorial almost convinced me to quit and look elsewhere before I had even tried it properly, but once I left the tutorial and got out into noob island, I fell in love with the gameplay. I had come expecting more of the same, click to move, click to kill, autoattack anything to death. What I found was a Multiplayer/Coop Platformer with some cRPG elements on the side. Levelling quickly, I soon left the starter area and set out to become a Bowman (note: this is a bad choice, the other classes are much more effective). Anyone who has tried MapleStory can probably guess what led me to quit.
Next, I went to WoW. I was wary, the game had stolen away many of my online friends. I rolled a Human Warrior (Dimonorra, Area 52) on a random server. That night I played until the sun came up, so thrilled I was with the quality of the combat system and the graphics. Then I found out you couldn't switch servers whenever you wanted. This led me to reroll onto my friends' server. Triessa, Windrunner, was my first character to level 70, but I hit max level just before WotLK and thus never got to try the endgame due to lack of interest from the rest of the population.
Since endgame WoW had been a bust, I wandered between Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates and Flyff for a few weeks. Flyff was awful, combining everything I hated about every game I'd ever played into one. Y!PP was a good deal more fun, but grew stale once I had tried everything. As "incredible" as I was at sailing, it simply wasn't fun.
So I drifted back to WoW a month late for the expansion. This was a blessing in disguise. Initially, I was annoyed that, yet again, my friends were all endgame raiding, and I was stuck killing 30 boars. But really, I was lucky, I missed the mad scramble for mobs to kill that had followed the level cap increasing to 80. Still, I became fed up with the glacial (no pun intended) pace of levelling through Northrend, and rerolled a Death Knight (Desmentia, Windrunner). I blazed to level 80 in two weeks, gearing as a tank along the way. Since then I've raided all the current content, clearing Naxx, VoA (both bosses), EoE, OS+2, and most of Ulduar.

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