Monday, June 29, 2009

Old games

As most of you know, I primarily work with the latest tech (or at least the latest I can work with on my little Radeon 9600), and immensly enjoy working on shaders, render to texture, and other such spiffy things. And, as a Mac user, I focus on OpenGL work, keep up with the latest OpenGL news and such (Long Peaks!), etc. So, what games do I like to play? With an immense interest in the latest and greatest in crossplatform rendering, do I eagerly play the latest games with the prettiest graphics?Eh, no, not really. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I don't own a game made after, oh, 2003-ish.Ya, it's the original Command and Conquer. Someone put it up on GGE, and I got out the old game discs to see if it still worked under Mac OS 10.4.8 (It was written back in the days of 7.5.3). I figured, what, play a couple of levels just to see if it still works, awesome if it does, meh otherwise.Ya, just a couple of levels, sure. So now I'm about halfway through the GDI campaign...I miss games like this. The learning curve for Command and Conquer is about 15 minutes. As far as RTSs go, it is dead simple. But it's still incredibly fun and engrossing.Anyhow, I'm sure you're all more interested in what I'm doing with Torque than what random 12 year old game I'm playing.Right now, I have three primary goals1) Get all of the various features in (I'm a feature creep, I need to not feature creep, but the features are so useful they border on/are necessary)2) Make it crossplatform and consistent. Everything should work on Mac and Windows (maybe Linux if there's anyone with a lot of experience with Linux, Torque, and OpenGL), and the code should follow the same general patterns. For example, at the moment, VBOs are tracked by a linked list, but Shaders are tracked by a Vector. Bad me!3) Document it until I want to jump off a bridge. Then document it until I do jump off a bridge

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